"hue": true


        type: "ColorPicker",
        field: "color",
        title: "颜色",
        value: '#ff7271',
        props: {
            "alpha": false,
            "hue": true,
            "recommend": false,

Parameter Description

reference:iview2.x | iview3.x

ColorPicker props
Property Description Type Default
disabled Set picker to disable. Boolean false
alpha Whether to display the alpha slider. Boolean false
hue Whether to display the hue slider. Boolean true
recommend Whether to display the color presets. Boolean false
colors Customize color presets. Array []
format Color format, Optional value: hsl, hsv, hex, rgb String When opening alpha is rgb, the other is hex
size The size of the component. Optional value: large, small, default or leave blank. String -
ColorPicker events
Event Name Description Return Value
change Triggers when input value changes. color value
active-change Triggers when the current active color changes. active color value
open-change Emitted when dropdown show or hide. true / false