{ required: true, message: '请输入商品名称', trigger: 'blur' }


        value:"iphone 7",
        props: {
            "type": "text", 
            "disabled": false,
            "readonly": false,
            "rows": 4,
            "autosize": false,
            "number": false,
            "autofocus": false,
            "autocomplete": "off",
            "placeholder": "请输入商品名称",
            "size": "default",
            "spellcheck": false,
            { required: true, message: '请输入goods_name', trigger: 'blur' },

Parameter Description

reference:iview2.x | iview3.x

Input props
Property Description Type Default
type Input type. Optional value: text, password, textarea, url, email, date String text
size The size of Input. Optional value: large, small, default or leave empty. String -
placeholder Placeholder. String -
clearable Whether to display the clear button. Boolean false
disabled Set Input to disabled. Boolean false
readonly Set Input to readonly. Boolean false
maxlength Maximum input length. Number -
icon Icon at the end of Input. Only works in text type. String -
rows Default row number of textarea. Only works in textarea type. Number 2
autosize Automaticlly adapting the height of the content. Only works in textarea type. Accepts an object. For example, { minRows: 2, maxRows: 6 } . Boolean | Object false
number Change the user input to Number type. Boolean false
autofocus Same as autofocus in native input. Boolean false
autocomplete Native autocomplete function, Optional value: off and on String off
spellcheck Native spellcheck property. Boolean false
wrap Native wrap property, optional value: hard and soft, only works in textarea type. String soft
Input events
Event Name Description Return Value
enter Emitted when press enter. -
click Emitted when clicking the icon if icon prop is set. -
change Emitted when data changing. event
focus Emitted when Input gets focus. -
blur Emitted when Input loses focus. -
keyup Native keyup event. event
keydown Native keydown event. event
keypress Native keypress event. event