{"value": "104", "label": "生态蔬菜", "disabled": false},
        {"value": "105", "label": "新鲜水果", "disabled": false},


        type: "select",
        field: "cate_id",
        title: "产品分类",
        value: ["104","105"],
        options: [
            {"value": "104", "label": "生态蔬菜", "disabled": false},
            {"value": "105", "label": "新鲜水果", "disabled": false},
        props: {
            "multiple": true,
            "clearable": false,
            "filterable": true,
            "remote": false,
            "loading": false, 
            "loading-text": "加载中", 
            "placeholder": "请选择",
            "not-found-text": "无匹配数据",
            "placement": "bottom",
            "disabled": false,

Parameter Description

reference:iview2.x | iview3.x

Select props
Property Description Type Default
multiple set select to support multiple Boolean false
disabled set select to disable Boolean false
clearable set select to clear option where used in single mode Boolean false
filterable set select to support filter Boolean false
remote set select to support remote data Boolean false
remoteMethod the method of getting remote data Function -
loading set select to remote search data loading state. Boolean false
loadingText the loading text tip for remote searching. String loading
label use for init in the remote mode, you should set it because it can't get the option label by the value. String | Number | Array empty
size The size of select. The value could be large, small, defaultor none. String -
placeholder the text for placeholder String select
notFoundText The context to show when the select is null. String Nothing matched.
labelInValue set select return value what include label and value, which default return value. Boolean false
placement The direction of pop-ups. The value could be bottom or top, supports automatic recognition after 2.12.0 String bottom
transfer Whether to append the layer in body. When used in Tabs or a fixed Table column, suggests adding this property, it will not be affected by the parent style, resulting in better results. Boolean false
Option props
Property Description Type Default
value the option value, filter by the property, required String | Number empty
label The content of the option, read slot default. If not have slot, it will show the label. If not have label, show the value.Mostly just write slot, but for cumtomized option, this is useful. String -
disabled set to disable the option. Boolean false
Select events
Event Name Description Return Value
change Emitted when selected Optionchange.It will return value. See the label-in-value property if need return label The current selected item.
query-change Emitted when query word is changed. query
clear Emitted when click clear button. -
open-change Emitted when dropdown show or hide. true / false