"min": 0,
        "max": 100,
        "range": true,


          "min": 0, 
         "max": 100, 
         "step": 1,
         "disabled": false, 
         "range": true,

Parameter Description

reference:iview2.x | iview3.x

Slider props
Property Description Type Default
min The minimum value the slider can slide to. Number 0
max The maximum value the slider can slide to. Number 100
step The granularity the slider can step through values. Must greater than 0, and be divided by (max - min) . Number 1
disabled If true, the slider will not be interactable. Boolean false
range Whether to use the dual thumb mode. Boolean false
showInput Whether to synchronize with InptNumber component, works when range is false. Boolean false
showStops Whether to display breakpoints. Boolean false
showTip Tooltip display control, Optional value: hover(Hover, default),always(Always visible),never(Invisible). String hover
tipFormat Slider will pass the current value to tip-format and display the returned value in Tooltip. If null, the Tooltip will be hidden. Function value
inputSize The size of InputNumber. The value could be large, small, defaultor none. Only works when show-input is open. String default
Slider events
Event Name Description Return Value
change Emitted when slide button is released. It'll return current selected value. value
input Emitted when value changes. It'll be emitted in real time during sliding. value