type: "TimePicker",
        field: "section_time",
        title: "活动时间",
        value: [],
        props: {
            "type": "timerange",
            "format": "HH:mm:ss",
            "steps": [],
            "placement": "bottom-start",

Parameter Description

reference:iview2.x | iview3.x

TimePicker props
Property Description Type Default
type The type of the picker. Optional value: time, timerange String time
format Time format that is displayed. [ Date](javascript:void(0)) HH:mm:ss
steps Interval of hours, minutes, and seconds. For example, set [1, 15], the minutes will be displayed as 00, 15, 30, 45. Array []
placement The direction time picker displays. Optional value: top``top-start``top-end``bottom``bottom-start``bottom-end``left``left-start``left-end``right``right-start``right-end, supports automatic recognition after 2.12.0 String bottom-start
placeholder Placeholder String
confirm Show confirm panel on the bottom or not. Boolean false
open Use this prop to control TimePicker's display manually. true: display, false: hide. TimePicker won't close automatically if you use this prop. We suggest you using it with slot, confirm and related events. Boolean null
size The size of TimePicker. Optional value: large, small, default or leave empty. String -
disabled Disable the picker or not. Boolean false
clearable Show clear button or not. Boolean true
readonly Readonly. If is set to true, the picker won't display. It only works when open prop is not set. Boolean false
editable Text box is editable or not. It only works when slot is not set. Boolean true
transfer Whether to append the layer in body. When used in Tabs or a fixed Table column, suggests adding this property, it will not be affected by the parent style, resulting in better results. Boolean false
TimePicker events
Event Name Description Return Value
change Emitted when selected time changes. Formatted time string like 09:41:00
open-change Emitted when picker is open or close. true | false
ok Emitted when OK button is clicked. -
clear Emitted when date is cleared. -