"action": "",
            "maxLength": 4,
            "multiple": true,
            "type": "select",
            "uploadType": "image",
            "name": "file",
            "onSuccess": function () {
                return 'http://img1.touxiang.cn/uploads/20131030/30-075657_191.jpg';
        .validate([{required:true, type: 'array', min: 3, message: '请上传3张图片', trigger: 'change'}])


        type: "Upload",
        field: "pic",
        title: "轮播图",
        value: ['http://img1.touxiang.cn/uploads/20131030/30-075657_191.jpg'],
        props: {
            "action": "",
            "headers": {},
            "multiple": true,

Parameter Description

reference::iview2.x | iview3.x

Upload props
Property Decription Type Default
action Upload request URL, required. String -
headers Upload request header. Object {}
multiple Enable multi choices or not. Boolean false
data Extra data with upload request. Object -
name The key in upload request targeting to the file. String file
withCredentials Enable certification info in Cookie or not. Boolean false
showUploadList Show upload file list or not. Boolean true
type The type of Upload. Optional value: select, drag String select
accept Accepted file formats. String -
format Accepted file formats. Different to accept prop, format recognizes the appendix of the file. Accept is same to HTML's input accept prop, it'll filter the file list during file selecting. You can use them together. Array []
maxSize File size limitation. Unit: kb Number -
beforeUpload Hook before file starts to upload. The only parameter is the file. If the function return false, or a Promise, default upload procedure will be stopped. Function -
onProgress Hook when file is uploading. It has three params: event, file, fileList Function -
onSuccess Hook when file is successfully uploaded. It has three params: response, file, fileList Function -
onError Hook when file is failed to upload. It has three params: error, file, fileList Function -
onPreview Hook when clicking uploaded file link. The only parameter is file. You can get server-side response data in file.response. Function -
onRemove Hook when a certain file is removed from the file list. It has two params: file, fileList Function -
onFormatError Hook when file format verification is failed. It has two params: file, fileList Function -
onExceededSize Hook when file size exceeds the limitation. It has two params: file, fileList Function -