Rule configuration item


The configuration item name of the JSON rule is the same as the configuration method name of the component generator, and the configuration parameters are the same

Built-in component configuration item


  • parameter: Object
  • description: Component rule configuration


  • parameter: Object
  • description: Component event configuration


  • parameter: Array
  • description: Component validation rule configuration


  • parameter: Array
  • description: Part of the component option option configuration


  • parameter: Array
  • description: Event name triggered by emit mode in component mode


  • parameter: Object
  • description: Component layout configuration
  • reference: Col_props

emitPrefix 1.5.2+

  • parameter: Object
  • description:Customize the prefix of the component emit event
  • default: field

className 1.5.3+

  • parameter: Object | Array | string
  • description: Custom component class

Custom component configuration item

Custom components additionally support the following configuration items

  1. children(Array) Subcomponent element generation rules
  2. scopedSlots(Object)
  3. nativeOn(Object)
  4. on(Object)
  5. domProps(Object)
  6. props(Object)
  7. attrs(Object)
  8. style(Object)
  9. class(Object)
  10. directives(Array)

Custom configuration item description