$'自动完成', 'auto', 'xaboy').props({
	data: [
	filterMethod: (value, option) => {
		return option.toUpperCase().indexOf(value.toUpperCase()) !== -1


         "data": [
         "clearable": false,
         "disabled": false,
         "placeholder": "",
         "size": undefined,

Parameter Description

reference:iview2.x | iview3.x

AutoComplete props
Property Description Type Default
data Data source for autocomplete. Array []
clearable Set AutoComplete to clear option. Boolean false
disabled Whether disabled select. Boolean false
placeholder Placeholder of input. String -
size The size of Input. Optional value: large, small, default or leave empty. String -
icon Icon at the end of Input. String -
filterMethod Filter options by input, if function, filter options against it. The function will receive two arguments, value and option, if the function returns true, the option will be included in the filtered set; Otherwise, it will be excluded. Function | Boolean false
placement The direction of pop-ups. The value could be bottom or top, supports automatic recognition after 2.12.0 String bottom
transfer Whether to append the layer in body. When used in Tabs or a fixed Table column, suggests adding this property, it will not be affected by the parent style, resulting in better results. Boolean false
AutoComplete events
Event Name Description Return Value
change Called when select an option or input value change, or value of input is changed. value
select Called when a option is selected. param is option's value and option instance. value
search Called when searching items. query
focus Called when focus. event
blur Called when blur. event