$'活动日期','section_day',['2018-02-20', new Date()]).props({
        "type": "datetimerange",


        type: "DatePicker",
        field: "section_day",
        title: "活动日期",
        value: ['2018-02-20', new Date()],
        props: {
            "type": "datetimerange",
            "format": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss",
            "placement": "bottom-start",

Parameter Description

reference:iview2.x | iview3.x

DatePicker props
Property Description Type Default
type Display type. Optional value: date, daterange, datetime, datetimerange, yearmonth String date
format The date format that displays. [ Date](javascript:void(0)) date | daterange: yyyy-MM-dddatetime | datetimerange: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssyear:yyyymonth:yyyy-MM
placement The direction DatePicker displays. Optional value: top``top-start``top-end``bottom``bottom-start``bottom-end``left``left-start``left-end``right``right-start``right-end, supports automatic recognition after 2.12.0 String bottom-start
placeholder Place holder. String -
options Extra configurations of DatePicker, such as disabling date, or shortcuts. For more details, see the table below. Object -
splitPanels When open it, the left and right panels are not interconnected during the switching year and month. Only work in daterange and datetimerange type. Boolean false
multiple When open it, you can select multiple dates. Only work in date type. Boolean false
showWeekNumbers When open it, you can display the numbers of week. Boolean false
startDate Set the start date of the default display. Date -
confirm Display the control panel at the bottom of the DatePicker or not. If enabled, DatePicker won't close actively but wait user to confirm. Boolean false
open Control the display status of DatePicker manually. Set true to display, false to hide. DatePicker won't close actively after using this component. We suggest you to use it with slot, confirm and related events. Boolean null
size The size of the component. Optional value: large, small, default or leave blank. String -
disabled Disable DatePicker or not. Boolean false
clearable Show the clear button or not. Boolean true
readonly Totally readonly. DatePicker won't be shown if enabled. It only works without setting open prop. Boolean false
editable Enable inputting into textbox. Only works without slot. Boolean true
transfer Whether to append the layer in body. When used in Tabs or a fixed Table column, suggests adding this property, it will not be affected by the parent style, resulting in better results. Boolean false
timePickerOptions TimePicker attributes can be configured under the type datetime and datetimerange, such as steps: :time-picker-options="{steps: [1, 10, 10]}" Object {}
DatePicker events
Event Name Description Return Value
change Emit when date is changed. Return two values, formatted date like 2016-01-01, and the current date type, such as date.
open-change Emit when open / close the calendar. true | false
ok Works on confirm mode. Emit when clicking ok button. -
clear Works on confirm mode or clearable = true mode. Emit when date is cleared. -