type: "InputNumber",
        field: "sort",
        title: "排序",
        value: 1,
        props: {
            "max": undefined,
            "min": undefined,
            "step": 1,

Parameter Description

reference:iview2.x | iview3.x

InputNumber props
Property Description Type Default
max Maximum value. Number Infinity
min Minimum value. Number -Infinity
step The step length of each change, can be a decimal number. Number 1
size Size of InputNumber. Optional value: large, small, default or leave blank. String -
disabled Set disable status. Boolean false
placeholder Placeholder. String -
formatter Specifies the format of the value presented. Function -
parser Specifies the value extracted from formatter. Function -
readonly Whether to the read-only. Boolean false
editable Whether it can be edited. Boolean true
precision Precision of input value. Number -
InputNumber events
Event Name Description Return Value
change Callback when number changes. Return the current value. current value
focus Trigger on focus. event
blur Trigger on blur. -