# Introduction

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Easily get form forms so you don't worry about forms

Form-create is a form generator that can generate dynamic rendering, data collection, validation, and submission via JSON. And support for generating any Vue components. Combined with the built-in 17 common form components and custom components, complex forms can be easily handled.

# Download

You can view all source files of the entire project from github. If it helps you, you can click "star" to support it Thank you!

# Install

ElementUI version

npm i @form-create/element-ui

Iview version 2.x|3.x

npm i @form-create/iview

Iview version 4.x

npm i @form-create/iview4

Ant-design-vue version 1.5.3+

npm i @form-create/ant-design-vue

# Features

  • Support 3 kinds of UI framework

  • Custom components

    • can generate any Vue component
    • Comes with data verification
    • Fast expansion
    • Easily convert to form components
  • Generate a form via JSON

  • Generate a form via Maker

  • Global configuration

    • Can set form configuration
    • You can set the global configuration of the specified component
    • Can set a global configuration common to all components
  • Powerful API for quick action on forms

  • Two-way data binding

  • Event extension

  • Partial update

  • data verification

  • Grid layout

  • Component array, nested object

  • Built-in components

    • hidden
    • input
    • inputNumber
    • checkbox
    • radio
    • switch
    • select
    • autoComplete
    • cascader
    • colorPicker
    • datePicker
    • timePicker
    • rate
    • slider
    • upload
    • tree
    • frame
    • group

# Comparison 1.x

  • faster

  • Smaller size

  • More powerful global configuration

  • Custom components are easier to extend

  • Easier support for third-party UI libraries

  • Less bugs

  • Component array, nested object