# Current version 1.0.16

# 1.0.16 (2020-06-17)

  • Fixed possible endless loop when rendering
  • Fixed the problem of modifying value of antd.switch component
  • Fixed antd.select placeholder not showing
  • Update TypeScript
  • Fixed the problem that the UI may not update when the value of the group component remove event is changed
  • Fixed the issue that frame component preview may not display properly
  • The new group component supports control button hidden button capitalization and custom buttons,
    • props fontSize,button,
    • slot button,default

# 1.0.15 (2020-05-31)

  • Optimize the parseJson andtoJson methods to avoid wrong parsingfunction
  • Optimize the deep copy of the generation rules
  • Optimize the subforms generated by the group component to automatically follow the configuration of the parent form
  • Added thecontrol.handle method Add the second parameter $f
  • Addedframe component support reload, okBtn, closeBtn configuration,form_create_helper added onOk,onClose method can set page close callback event
  • refactoring frame The pop-up box of the upload component removes the original modal
  • fixes the possibility of an endless loop in the preview of the upload
  • fixes the problem that the verification of the group component may not pass
  • fixes the problem of missing rules in toJson
  • fixes the global configuration labelCol, wrapperCol does not take effect
  • fixhidden component may render problem

# 1.0.14 (2020-05-14)

  • Optimized frame componentvalue type
  • fix frame component cannot be closed properly undersafari browser

# 1.0.13 (2020-05-11)

  • Optimized the methods of $f.append and$f.prepend
  • Modify the built-in copyRule method
  • Optimize the conditions of automatic copy generation rules
  • Support to control whether to automatically generate col,row components and set class

# 1.0.12 (2020-04-30)

  • Fixed the error reported by fragment component during partial mounting
  • Fix the problem that removeField may be invalid
  • Added formData $f.form for two-way data binding
  • Added control event, triggered whencontrol takes effect or is removed

# 1.0.11 (2020-04-21)

  • Remove the multi-line style of ElementUI label
  • Fixed ts vue.use (formCreate) type error issue #196
  • Added maker instance and addedinject,model method
  • Added built-in fragment component
  • Fixed the issue that the second appended attribute of maker does not take effect
  • Support ant-design-vue Doc
    npm i @form-create/ant-design-vue

# 1.0.10 (2020-04-18)

  • Fix the problem that the timePicker component cannot be selected occasionally
  • Fixed possible error in ie10
  • Fixed the problem that the parseJson method may report an error
  • Fix the problem that control may not take effect
  • Refactored vData class to support repeated monitoring of events
  • Fix the error reported by onSubmit method
  • Fixed the problem of wrong type attribute of frame component width, height
  • Fixed the problem that checkbox component may report an error
  • Fix control control rules to wrap a layer ofdiv #199
  • Added frame component to addsrcKey configuration item, support value as object
  • Added group component to addchange event
  • Added the change event of the whole form
  • Optimized the multi-line style of ElementUI label
  • Optimized ts #196

# 1.0.9 (2020-03-24)

  • Fixed `field 'duplicate issue
  • Fixed an issue where the DatePicker component may fail during validation

# 1.0.8 (2020-03-15)

  • Fix error when merging common layout rules #181
  • Fixed an issue where the group component might report an error
  • Fix Validation failure after adding components
  • Fixed DatePicker component value conversion problem
  • Update TypeScript
  • Added optimized method method to get return value
  • Added index in event ofgroup component #183
  • Add control configuration item, Can be used to control other component displays
  • Added options.form.className configuration item to support settingclass of the form

# 1.0.7 (2020-03-02)

  • Fix field error when initializing global configuration #166
  • Fixed DatePicker component verification error
  • Update TypeScript
  • Fixed the problem that the frame componentsrc is not updated in real time
  • Added group component, which can implement array components and hash components
  • Optimization Reuse of component generation rules
  • Optimize button position of component information

# 1.0.6 (2020-01-16)

  • Support TypeScript
  • Fixed elm.frame component not displaying ininput typeicon
  • Fixed the issue that the iview.tree component was not selected for the first time rendering

# 1.0.5 (2019-12-7)

  • Refactored hidden,visibility functionality
  • Added hidden andvisibility configuration items
  • Fix value may change unexpectedly
  • Fixed the issue that page components may not render after changing the value

# 1.0.4 (2019-11-21)

  • Added formData configuration item to set the initial value of the form
  • Fixed an infinite loop problem when type is undefined
  • Fixed a problem with component not recognized in type uppercase
  • Support for the iview v4 version
npm i @form-create/iview4

# 1.0.3 (2019-08-26)

  • Fixed event invalidation of control bindings in the form after multiple v-ifs #125
  • Fix toJson method function to json
  • Fixed removing the extra layout when the built-in button is not displayed
  • Added manual trigger event method $f.trigger
  • Added Get component vm method $f.el
  • Enhanced functions in props to support event injection
  • Enhanced removeField, updateRule returns the current rule
  • Enhanced self current rule in event injection parameters
  • Enhanced vm parameter support set to Function
        return new Vue;

# 1.0.2 (2019-08-11)

  • Fixed style overridden issue #121
  • Fixed datePicker, timePicker component validation issue, value issue #118
  • Fixed append, prepend method error
  • Enhanced After the rule definition name is generated, it can be obtained by the component method.
  • Added on, off, once method binding emit event

# 1.0.1 (2019-07-29)

  • Add $f.updateValidate, $f.updateValidates method #116
  • Fixed input box setting maximum and minimum characters invalid #115
  • Fixed upload component uploading multiple images at the same time
  • Fixed ElementUI.upload component loading animation does not display problem

# 1.0.0 (2019-07-21)

  • Fixed timePicker component not selecting problem
  • Fixed stack overflow issue when type is template #110
  • Added automatic injection of $f in the custom component props, which can be received with props.formCreate
  • Added $f.getRule method to get the generation rule for specifying field

# 0.0.5 (2019-07-07)

  • Optimize the $f.toJson method, does not support converting template components
  • Added $f.updateRule, $f.updateRules method
//Update goods_name
         disabled: true
// Batch update
             disabled: true
  • Added injectEvent global configuration item, set whether to enable event injection, inject $f, rule and other parameters. The first parameter of the event after opening is the injected parameter.
// Inject the data structure of the parameters
   rule:Array, // generation rules
   option:Object, // global configuration
   inject:Any, // custom injection parameters

//Open globally
// specify the event to open
     //inject extra custom injection parameters for the event
  • Fixes remove the component and add field to the same component as the removed component. The component receives the value undefined.

# 0.0.4 (2019-06-30)

  • Added $f.toJson and formCreate.parseJson methods to convert build rules to json and reverse
  • Added info configuration item to configure component prompts
  • Added option.info configuration item to set the configuration information of the prompt information.
  • Remove the time component, the date component is worth reprocessing
  • Added an error when the $f.method method does not exist
  • Add the modal configuration item of the frame component to set the property of modal
  • Fixed element-ui partial component placeholder attribute invalid
  • Update element-ui time component, date component maker generator

# 0.0.3

Internal function refactoring, Streamlined and optimized, Easier to expand

new function

  • Custom components can be converted to form components with features for validation and built-in components
  • Increase the global configuration of components
  • Added name configuration item, custom component configurable
  • Added method to determine if the form is modified changeStatus
  • Increase Get component hidden state method hiddenStatus
  • Added rule.native configuration item
  • Added $f.method method to call component method


  • Move the switch component slot configuration to props.slot
  • Modify the parameters of the $f.validate method
  • Modify the parameter order of $f.hidden, $f.visibility, $f.disabled methods
  • Modify method name $f.submitStatus => $f.submitBtnProps
  • Modify method name $f.resetBtnStatus => $f.resetBtnProps
  • Refactor the frame component and move event to props


  • Remove custom component related events
  • Remove the frame component spin configuration item
  • Remove the upload configuration item in the global configuration
  • Remove the margin 20px from the outermost layer of the form
  • Remove the $f.btn.finish and $f.resetBtn.finish methods
  • Remove the defaultSlot configuration item
  • Remove built-in components to automatically populate default properties
  • Remove the hidden and visibility attributes from the component rules
  • Remove upload component onSuccess returns url auto add function